Americans Feeling More Confident About Employers' Stability Less worried about companies going out of business. IT Growth Outlook is Bright Optimism regarding increased IT spending is the strongest among IT decision-makers in the health care, manufacturing and IT industries, according to the research. IT Exec Salaries Vary Greatly Depending on Chain of Command Do you report to the CIO or the CFO? Microsoft Vs. Google: Who Has Better Privacy Benefits? Data security Despite Microsoft’s recent claims, Google still provides many privacy tools that are better. Here’s how to tweak settings for both companies.
IT Salaries on the Rise Hand money image After two straight years of wages remaining nearly flat, new research shows IT professionals last year earned their largest annual salary increases since 2008. Businesses Missing Chances to Protect Data Does you company take data protection seriously? CIOs Embracing Consumerization of IT tablet app Is your company leveraging the consumerization of IT? Tablet Support Will Be IT's Next Challenge Does your department know how to support your employees' tablets?
In the past, students were able to learn information and skills through books and demonstrations from their teachers and professors. In addition to this, mothers who take care of the family help their children with learning other things. But with the development of technology, learning can now be experienced outside the classroom. The internet has also made a major impact in the field of education. Since you can search for almost anything on the internet, you can now learn information and skills that you want to know. While browsing my social media page, I saw an article about a kid who learned how to dance different style by watching on YouTube. It is really surprising considering she is just a child. It was like the internet became an alternative to books and teachers. Students are now using gadgets like tablets and smartphones to access information from the internet.
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