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Capital letters don't affect the page rankings

As we all already know, capital letters or using uppercase when typing URLs doesn't affect the pages rankings. This is what we were lucky to find out during the forums dedicated to the webmasters help in the end of the last year. At the same time, nor using capital letters, neither uppercase in the content of the websites can somehow impact rankings due to the impossibility of conveying emotions by using them.

However, we didn't know earlier whether capital letters in the tags of the title had any effect in regard to the ranking or any other matter. We were especially concerned about the negative influence. Caps always look like shouting and, of course, nobody would like to be shouted at. But now we know that capital letters in the title tags of the websites will not make Google want to punish you.

In fact, the reaction of users in regard to this news is different. Some were really happy to hear this because even if it didn't help them understand what was the reason for their ranking loss, it at least made clear what wasn't the reason, since now they know that it has nothing to do with the capital letters. The same thing concerns page descriptions and search results snippets. Meta descriptions don't influence rankings, which is why whether you make them written with caps or not doesn't really matter. Actually most people are not fond of reading caps, because it doesn't look good anyway.

Considering how many myths about using caps have been wide-spreading throughout Internet, it is really stress removing to finally find out the truth.

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